The Military Department

Pimpernel Clothing Military Department

Gold and silver lace, gilt threads and gilt brass buttons, let your imagination glitter with Pimpernel's bespoke historical military uniform service. 

Drawing on our military and naval archive, we can make anything from Admiral Lord Nelson's Trafalgar uniform to the classic rock and roll jacket,  So whether you’re a fashion conscious modern man or woman, or simply just looking for some historical swagger, we’d be delighted to discuss it further with you. 

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us with your requirements.

3.5 metres of gold bias and stand lace, 29.5 metres of gold soutache lace, 1 metre of wool, 2 metres of silk taffeta, 66 gilt brass buttons,
3650 centimetres of hand stitching  – 1 gold bespoke hussar waistcoat designed and made by Pimpernel's Rob Lucas.  Pimpernel Clothing Gold Hussar Waistcoat